Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Knee-d a New One

Guys. Have any of you had a knee replacement? Would you mind sharing your experiences if you have?

I've had a bum knee for awhile, and after X-rays and a steroid injection today, my doctor has suggested that I think about having replacement surgery. The plan is to give my knee brace some time, to gauge my response to the steroid injection, try another physical therapy session, and then if I'm not able to walk without serious pain, then she'll recommend seeing a surgeon.

So. Was it a good decision for you?

I'm thinking that this department needs snazzier band-aids. Like an assortment of these beauties found on The Off The Wagon Shop.


Unknown said...

Sorry, it's gotta be the bacon bandies. I got my son-in-law some for his birthday and he loved them. He's a chef. How is your knee brace wearing going? My daughter is in one like yours now. She is up to wearing it 4 hours a day but it's still painful sometimes. The injections really helped her but another surgery is in the offing for her too.

Deb said...

Hi Julia-
Your blog is one of my favorites.
I have sjogrens and lupus and had my right knee replaced in 2007.I was 54 at the time. Both of my knees have been bone on bone for years. My knees started dislocation when I was a teen.
I have worn various braces,went through physical therapy and had cortisone shots.
Several orthopedic doctors said I was too "young" to have a replacement so I got a third opinion and found a new doctor who said my knees were too damaged and he did not care about my age as my knees needed replaced as soon as possible.
I gave the doctor my medical history and he said he would work with my rheumatologist and primary doctor to make sure they managed all of my health issues during surgery and in post-op.
I was in hospital for 3 days. While there the doctors and nurses gave me medication for my pain round the clock. A person from occupational therapy taught me how to use walker, climb stairs and how to "transfer" myself into shower.
My biggest piece of advice is to tell you follow the doctors and physical therapist orders ( even if you feel awesome don't push yourself).
Physical therapy was brutal( I had Atilla the Hun for p.t.)Ask for ice pack after your sessions if they don't automatically give you any. If you can take your pain RX right after the sessions do so.
I have no pain in my knee now.
I am ready for the second knee to get done soon.
If you want to ask any questions please feel free to do so.
Deb(Grammad97 on Sjogrens World)

Vicki said...

Hi Julia

If I recall correctly you have health insurance through John. If so have you looked into Hyaluronan injections for the knee?


I had them for several years and found it really did work while steroid injections didn't do anything for me. The only problem is that they are a fair bit of money so when I became unemployed that treatment option ended for me. After 3 years when I returned to work I tried to resume the injections but things had changed so much, both health wise and the structure of my knees that the injections didn't work any more. Now I'm also looking at the future and it is looking like replacement time is coming.

Good luck.