Saturday, July 18, 2015

Doggie Discussion

Back when John and I were younger, keeping up with our three little kids, our jobs, and with John working on his graduate degree, it never would have occurred to us that someday we would be one of THOSE people that had time to indulge their dog. And talk to her as if she were a person. 

Yet here we are. 

I took these pictures of John and Lulu the other evening not paying much attention to their conversation. Wonder what they discussed? I can only guess. 

It probably went something like this: John - Lulu. Let's talk about your obsession with chasing the neighborhood squirrels, shall we? What a noisy barking doggie you are....

Lulu doesn't care. Hey! she says - there's another one! 


Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor...and creativity. Humor gets me through all this.
And all the little things of your life.

Amy Junod said...

That looks like a pretty serious discussion. Daddy N Me bonding time.