Wednesday, June 10, 2015

She's a Smarty-Pants

I've been trying to write a post today which addresses some frequent complication of Sjogren's syndrome that applies to my current situation........but I simply can't. I can't because I just finished listening to my dear friend tell me in exquisite detail about her son in law's agonizing battle with terminal cancer.

Sjogren's and autoimmune diseases are significant health challenges, this I know. But even though I currently have substantial disease activity, these things are chronic, not terminal. I just can't begin to compare them to someone who is is in excruciating pain and looking at the end of his life.

I was sharing my feelings about this with my friend Jennifer, who messaged this bit of very good wisdom:

".....Well I don't know if I agree with you there.  First of all, I have this theory.  If you were in a car accident and broke your leg, it would be true that it could have been worse, you could have been killed.  You have your life...but you also still have a broken leg, and that still sucks.  So the fact that worse things could be happening doesn't mean your current battle isn't real.   
Secondly, I'd think this story only serves to reinforce why it's important to deal with things like hip and knee issues, because you want to juice as much out of life as you can, knowing how much you can lose.  Ya know? 
I don't think the big bad stuff makes the smaller stuff less important, I think it makes FIXING the smaller stuff MORE important."
She's right. She's also basically written today's post.


Laura said...

So, so very true. Hearing about someone else's worse problem tends to make me feel whiny about whatever problem I have...but it doesn't make that problem not exist, either. It just puts it in a different perspective. And now, with Jennifer's words, multiple different perspectives.

mcspires said...

Thanks for sharing that. I like her perspective.