Friday, June 26, 2015

Maybe a frosty adult beverage would be therapeutic.

Oh, hey. John, honey? You can find the recipe for these absolutely yummy looking drinks here. 

Life with autoimmune disease is really weirdo, isn't it? I mean......seriously.

I've been dealing with a major pain in my butt for the last month or so, specifically pain when I bear weight on my right leg which results in major discomfort in my And it's problematic enough to make me have to sit or lie down. I've seen Dr. Young Guy and now a physiatrist physician for it AND have had two MRIs.

And it's still somewhat a mystery.

Looks like there is still some reoccurrence of stenosis with one of my lumbar spine vertebrae which confuses me seeing as I had a full six month period of no symptoms whatsoever after my laminectomy to correct it. My MRI also showed something that could be a kind of "focal myositis" in the area over my sacrum. I'm waiting to hear the pain relieving plan that my physiatrist physician and my rheumatologist concoct as they put their heads together.

At any rate, I feels that I have to apologize to y'all for my recent posts. Without a doubt, they've been wimpy and rather lame. But it's hard to be creative when I'm feeling anxious and in pain. My doctors were sharing their speculations which included fractures to ripped muscles and everything in-between which honestly made me freak out a little bit; although I appreciated their honesty and don't mean to imply that I would rather they kept mum and left me impatiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for any information from them.

I now know that at least I don't have any kind of break in my pelvis, which is a huge relief, but the fact still remains that if I want to have manageable pain levels, I have to do my best couch potato imitation with an ice pack wedged under my butt. Ah, well.

I'm grateful that I have two experienced and intelligent physicians working with me to resolve this problem. It will be interesting to see what happens next. In the meantime, I will try my best to get these brain cells of mine out of the neutral gear.

I wonder what would spark a bit more activity in the old grey matter? Hmmm. This may call for a mango margarita. Ooooooo. I can see my brain is working harder already.

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Nicole said...

Mango margaritas sound fabulous!

Hope they get you quickly on the mend.