Monday, June 15, 2015

AutoimmuneGal: Stronger Than I Thought

AutoimmneGal has written an excellent post in which she speaks to the power of determination and adrenalin. Check it out:

Recently, my husband and I took our first trip with baby to Florida.  It was lots of work to prepare to get away and it took lots of convincing to get me to agree to fly with an infant, but I am glad that we did it.  Overall it was a great trip, but there was one adventure that I just had to share.
It took me a day to get settled and feel comfortable.  We had gotten the baby into a new routine and now I was ready to relax.  I decided to take my very first bath since the little one was born. I had picked out an actual grown up book; I couldn’t wait to read while she napped quietly.  (This is a real luxury when you have a baby as I’ve quickly learned).  Just as I was beginning to feel like I was on vacation…the fire alarm started going off in our hotel. A false alarm? Not with my luck. A loudspeaker quickly blared that we must evacuate the building.  And where was I?  I was sitting in the bathtub in a room on the 12th floor.  My husband? He was downstairs on the beach. 
So I found myself naked and alone with my precious daughter, hearing over a loud speaker that there was a fire. Continue reading here
I know that I've had to respond quickly to a stressful situation, and after it's over, wondered where that burst of energy originated. Then crashed immediately after.

I'll bet you have too. Share your Super Sjoggie on Adrenaline stories!

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