Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Title Says it All

BS - that is, before Sjogren's - I used to love music and singing. I was part of a few choirs that practiced and performed regularly. I'm not a particularly good musician, but I enjoyed being part of a fun group of folks making music. But as Sjogren's dryness and fatigue appeared, I was forced to give up my hobbies such as choir first, then my job, and then even some of my responsibilities around the house.

Y'all know the drill. It seems that it happens to all of us in some manner. This makes me cranky even to think about it.


So my friend Terese is actually a very, very good musician having been a music teacher for thirty years, a church accompanist, and a singer in two choirs. I used to love standing next to her and following her expert lead as we sang together over the years. I miss it, and Terese knows it. She's been urging me for the past year or so to consider dusting off the old vocal cords and joining one of her choirs.

"It's perfect for you. It's a group that sings for nursing homes and assisted living centers, so they're very appreciative and forgiving audiences. When you can come to rehearsals or gigs, come. When you can't, don't. You can sit on a chair for performances, and just participate when you feel like you can."

I've been thinking about that invitation for a long time, and in all honesty I'm not sure what prompted it, but a few weeks ago I decided to give it a try. What a hoot it's been to be reading music and pounding out harmony on my piano.

I participated in my first little concert tonight, and what fun. I struggled for my pitches; and the energy required for me to sing for a half an hour - even while perched on a chair - left me hoarse, sweaty, and very tired.

How wonderful. Seriously, I had a blast.

The group doesn't perform on a regular schedule, but I can't wait till we can sing again.

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mcspires said...

I am so happy for you!! I hope you can continue with this hobby. It is so funny you posted this because just yesterday I was thinking about your photography hobby and I was wondering if you ever thought of entering some of your photos in your local county fair? It is a fun way to share your photos!!