Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Moistures Seekers Q and A: Inheriting Sjogren's Syndrome

Yup. It's all in our genes. Image found here

Once again, I found several gems of valuable information in the latest Moisture Seekers Newsletter from the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation. This one is written by Sukesh Sukumaran, MD, DPMR, FACR"

Q: I have Sjogren's and I know autoimmune diseases can run in families. Should I be concerned that mu children will get this?

A: The tendency to develop Sjogren's depends on a multitude of factors; both genetic and environmental. Hence, it is difficult to predict disease susceptibility within a family and there are no definitive tests to help determine whether your child will develop Sjogren's.

The majority of children born to a parent with Sjogren's will not inherit the disease. Studies have shown that Sjogren's was reported in only an estimated 4% of first-degree relatives of patients with the disease. However, if you or a close family ember has Sjogren's, there is 30-35% chance on your children developing any variety of other autoimmune disorders.

In the absence of symptoms, laboratory evaluation and/or treatment is not warranted for your child. Your pediatrician can monitor your child for development of any signs or symptoms and pursue testing if necessary. However, if you are pregnant, you baby may be at risk for neonatal heart block and your baby may need further testing.

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Heda said...

Massive run in my family. Far higher than the stats. Thinking more and more that it is related to inherited food intolerances. Hopefully next gen will sort it.