Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Help a Blogger Out Here, Guys

People. l am in serious need of your help. I have two problems.

One: My brain is in vacation mode which means I have no brain at all. 


Two: I have taken three pictures just screaming for witty captions. Is YOUR brain in better shape than mine? (That would be a resounding yes.) Leave your caption contributions in the comments section below. 


Jenny P said...

I feel like the first one should have something from a Disney movie playing in the background, like The Circle of Life or Daughters of Triton (from the beginning of The Little Mermaid).

The last one, it needs a Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" quote :)

Angana said...

1. Yoga on the Beach
(Drawing a blank for # 2)
3. Gotta love me, I'm the baby

Andrea said...

"Just lounging. How are you?"

Anonymous said...

1) Says the little guy, "But I don't wanna take another nap."

2) "Hey! More sardines over here, please!"

3) "Nope. Not gonna happen. You're not gettin' another belly rub from me!"