Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gotta Go With the Flow

Like my new wine/margarita/mimosa/ice water glasses? Can you believe that they're plastic?

Plastic glasses are my latest concession to whatever is making me drop things. I could be more clumsy as the result of lots of things; tremor, medication side effects, caffeine shakes, or just that I'm being ME. But the bottom line is that for whatever reason - I've broken far too many glasses lately and it's time that I minimized the time that my mitts hold an authentic glass object. I've been lucky so far in that I haven't damaged anything else but the unfortunate things that I've dropped and haven't stepped on any glass shards.


These gorgeous plastic wine glasses, however, are pretty darned spiff. I like the colors and they're top rack dishwasher safe. While shopping for these beauties, I realized that with stores stocking summer patio products right now there's oodles of attractive unbreakable tableware out there.



Heda said...

Nice glasses. Good idea. I'm a dropper too. Odd hey? I think my fingers are closed but hey presto they ain't. Especially in the mornings.

Nicole said...

My fingers do the same thing! This started recently for me. I've even watched my own fingers suddenly let go of something I'm holding for no reason. It is so weird, slightly disturbing. I would love an explanation.

(I have developed a sensory neuropathy in my feet and legs as well as autonomic symptoms that have worsened this year. This makes me think it's related. Would love to know what you all think or can find with your mad research skills!)

Anonymous said...

Ah, plastic. Have raynaud's plus sjogrens. Been using plastic "glasses" for almost a decade.

LM said...

Interesting. I've been meaning to research and have been putting it aside (avoidance?) the fact that my muscles seem weak and shaky a lot, especially when I'm over tired or have pushed it too far. I really dislike the feeling as I feel out of control.

Very pretty "glasses" and I love the colors!