Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doug Savage: Getting Exercise Via the Stationary Control

I was thinking about exercise the other day.

You'll note I said THINKING. Not DOING.

Several health and wellness professionals remind us that even if one isn't able to do lengthy strenuous workouts, small bits of daily exercise can still be beneficial. It appears Doug Savage has one solution to incorporating more activity into our daily lives:

Um. So I'm supposed to get out of my chair and go all the way over THERE?  Wait......I don't think I know how to manually change channels on my television. Where IS the button to do that, anyway?


If I want a more realistic way to get some exercise, I suppose I could take a small well-behaved doggie on a short walk. Which means I'd need to actually GET a small well-behaved doggie. Sorry, Lulu the Woo-Woo. I'm thinking you don't meet that description.


Laura said...

*grins* If your TV is like ours, the channel/mode/volume buttons are on the side.

I laughed at Scott last night a bit, because he walked PAST the TV to get the remote control from the mantel (where it is out of reach of small hands) to...raise the volume. He could have stopped at the TV and used the side buttons, which I know he knows about as he told me about them.

Sue said...

I have no idea where the controls are on our flat screen. We do, however have to get up and go downstairs to change the direction of the antenna on the roof if we want to watch a certain set of channels. When we cut the cable a few years ago we connected the antenna to the coax cable that goes to our main floor living room and basement family room. The controls for the antenna are in the laundry room. It is a pain in the butt but not having a cable bill is nice.