Friday, April 3, 2015

The Ham-O-Rama is ON

This year's table decorations are potted tulips. I think they'll be pretty once I get the pots all cleaned up.

I love Easter. For all kinds of reasons. But especially for the whiz-bang hoo-rah Easter party that we throw. We've dubbed this gathering the Ham-O-Rama because the dinner always showcases John's famous smoked hams. We usually have two hams, each with a different glaze. The dinner guests sample each of the hams then vote for their favorite. The winning glaze will re-appear for the following year's Ham-O-Rama; and the losing glaze disappears into obscurity.

We're ruthless ham glaze judges.

This year I expect around twenty guests, which means I have some serious shopping and cooking to do. I'm so thankful that all of my nasty germs have taken themselves elsewhere and that I have enough energy to roll up my sleeves and get to it all. Of course, a majority of the work will be delegated to my minions family and friends. But make no mistake: Julia's at the helm of this party.

Oh, yeah. I'm back.

Heading out to the grocery store with list in hand. See y'all tomorrow.

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