Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oops, I Did It Again

Usually I like shopping at my local Fred Meyer store. It's one of those places that carry darned near anything you could possibly want. It's close by, convenient, and it always has several motorized shopping carts waiting by every entrance.

But I think they may not want me to shop there anymore. I have history with Fred.

Last summer I was zooming around in one of their motorized shopping carts. I zipped through the produce department, took a right at the toiletries, and knocked over an entire display of sunglasses. It created a spectacular crashing mess.


I'll bet the store manager had the entire incident captured on surveillance camera footage and alerted the staff to ban me from plopping my fanny in one of those motorized things. I suspect that they have my face posted on the Fred Meyer version of WANTED posters back in the stock room, so I've been kind of avoiding using their putt putt carts. 

Until yesterday. My dumb stupid knee was acting up, and I thought enough time had passed that it was safe to shop in this store and use their motorized shopping carts again......but I was wrong.

Because this go around after speeding through the produce section, I rounded the corner into the snack aisle and almost killed Captain America.

Yeah. With one of their trusty AMIGOs.

There Captain America was, looking all super-hero-like and standing watch over his Doritos display, when......WHAM. I smacked into him going full throttle.

Lucky for the big guy, I only bent one of his corners. 

I'm thinking that I may have escaped notice this time since cardboard and potato chips are much quieter than a huge sunglasses display when rammed with an AMIGO shopping cart. Somebody should talk to good old Fred Meyer and tell him that their carts simply go TOO FAST. This couldn't have possibly been my fault, could it?



Angana said...

Julia, I just ADORE you!

Vicki said...

Hi Julia

I took my first ride in one of those motorized carts at our local Costco today and I thought of you :-). Fortunately the ones at Costco don't go too fast, but the hazard there were all the other people travelling at warp speed with their shopping carts - WOW!!!

I'll tell you it sure is a different perspective at that level seeing those huge shopping carts coming at you, but I survived, including the 1/2 hour wait in line. Without that motorized cart I think they would have taken me out on a stretcher the way the joints have been aching this past week.

Unknown said...

Hey Julia, child's play. I took out three, yes 3, displays at Whole Foods in Hollywood [Portland],including a basket of organic watermelons. The damn aisles were so overcrowded I don't know how anyone - even with a slow cart and close attention - could not have destroyed something. I am sure they were happy to see me leave.