Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Ham-O-Rama is in the books.

Sunday evening after most of our Ham-O-Rama attendees had left, John and I and Greg and Terese and a few of the remaining guests were snacking on leftovers.

I really love the immediate aftermath after a party. Well, I enjoy just about everything about hosting a gathering, but hashing over everything afterwards is great. I slid my feet into my best fluffy slippers, poured a small glass of wine, snagged a lemon bar from the almost bare dessert tray, and settled into the couch. Between bites and with powdered sugar crumbs dusting my chin, I demanded politely asked that the party post mortem begin. What was the best? What should we do differently next year?

Everyone looked at me wearily in a serious after-the-feast daze. But with encouragement, I pried a few critiques out of them. We agreed that this year's choice of glaze contenders were exceptional. The winner - a whole grain mustard and honey one - has won each and every contest. But this year's challenger -  root beer, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar - came in a close second. We counted this year's votes carefully.

What a delicious competition.

Check out the expert carving technique. It's all in the wrist. 

The decision to carve ham near the smoker was a good one. I still have ham stains on the kitchen ceiling from flying ham shrapnel as a result of enthusiastic carving in years past. Seriously.

Our guest list included some very enjoyable individuals, we all agreed.

Several interesting people were there, too.

The addition of an activity after the main course and before the desserts was fun. And who could resist entering the fiercely competitive Hare-dianappolis 500 race? Using fabulous plastic bunny racers?

And officiated by John and Greg? Ruthless judges, these two...

 Nothing says "Easter" like spectacular prizes of dinosaur stuffies and pirate Easter eggs.

And spring flowers.

And plush lamb puppets that sing "Easter Parade".

 All in all, we decided that the Ham-O-Rama 2015 was an unquestionable success. But here's the question for next year: Will the undefeated honey mustard glaze retain it's place of honor? Or will the next upstart contender unseat it? Will the bunny racing continue or will we opt for an egg hunt? OR an Easter Karaoke contest?!

Tune in next year. Same time, same station.

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Anonymous said...

Family, friends, good food, many helpers,lots of fun. Can't think of a better RX for feeling Reasonably Well.
Thanks for sharing your day with us.