Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Contagious

Oh, man. I feel terrible. Terribly guilty, that is.

Yes, I am still recovering from the flu but the actual reason that I'm feeling terrible is that it appears John has caught my germs, poor guy. I've tried to contain my nasties by sneezing into my elbow and using disposable tissues and covering my cough and we're running the dishwasher on sanitize, but I suspect that after two weeks of this stuff, we've reached some kind of tipping point ratio of people to viruses inhabiting our house. So it was probably inevitable -- John would have to join me in my little Kleenex world.

He's soldiering on, however. Even though he's staying home, he's still working from his laptop and conducting his meetings via conference calls in-between sneezes, coughs, and nose blowing. What a guy. In-between work duties, he puts his feet up to recharge.

Lulu's all confused. "Wait. Aren't YOU the one that takes afternoon naps?"

I've decided that it's time for me to kick into solicitous wife mode. Along with keeping John supplied with soothing hot beverages, tissues, and the usual sickie stuff, I'm thinking that it's important to attempt to supply sources of therapeutic laughter too. Like this:

How could you not feel better after watching that?


Anonymous said...

Lulu is a cutie. :)

Heda said...

Is Lulu real? She's too perfect. Lots of best wishes for a speedy recovery, BTW my 94 Mum now has that awful Bug that has spread through the USA. So far so good. She seems to be getting better albeit very very slowly.