Friday, March 27, 2015

I'd Want a Big Chocolate One, Of Course.

@LAlupusLady recently sent this intriguing tweet out on Twitter:

Does anyone "celebrate" the day they were diagnosed w/ #Lupus?
33 years at a 3PM Drs. appointment heard "you have Lupus."

Hm. I had to think about that. Do I "celebrate" the date of my Sjogren's diagnosis? My first reaction was, Heck NO. I don't "celebrate" anything about autoimmune disease. I don't even know the actual date of my diagnosis. I suppose I could look back in my records...


After a little reflection on how stressed I was for those months before my diagnosis, I would grudgingly admit that while my diagnosis was not something to celebrate, it certainly was a relief to have a specific name for my problems.

I never thought about commemorating the day of my diagnosis. Did you?

Hey. If marking my diagnosis day means cake......I'm all for it. Like this one:

I wonder if it comes in a gluten and dairy free, low-sugar version?

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Kate S said...

I have an "awareness" of the date. As in mid March.

And I think of it when that time comes around. More in the sense of "Well it's been 5 years since this started".

I was lucky, I was diagnosed fairly quickly. I had a tenacious PCP who kept trying. When I had blood work consistent with autoimmune issues, she got me into a rheumatologist quickly. I've always been grateful for that.