Thursday, March 5, 2015

Autoimmune Awareness Month: As My Body Attacks Itself

found in Kelly's blog post, and here

I can't think of a better way to kick off March's Autoimmune Awareness campaign than to read this insightful post from Kelly Morgan Dempewolf PhD, author of the book "As My Body Attacks Itself" AND the blog with the same name:
.......Clearly there needs to be increased awareness with medical professionals about the implications of chronic, invisible, fatigue-inducing diseases have for our lives.  But how can we get there?  Where can they get these awareness-gaining experiences?  How can we get them to gain this awareness?  (Notice I don’t say “understand” as I truly don’t think people can “understand” what it’s like without living it, but awareness and empathy are things I think we can impact). 
Most of them aren’t listening to individual patients to gain the awareness – I’m absolutely certain I had no impact on Dr. C’s awareness as he shook his head laughing at the silly woman that said she felt fatigued with 8-10 hours per night of sleep plus naps most days.  So clearly we can’t rely on their one-on-one experiences with their patients to give them this awareness.
Head over to her blog to read it all, and take time to click through to her excellent links.

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