Monday, March 16, 2015

A Guest

My friend Susan and her family are gallivanting around for the next four days, so we've inherited Lulu's BFF Skippy for the duration.

 And although there's been plenty of running and chasing and barking, there's also an abundance of competition for toys and my attention.

Lulu is a real drama queen when Skippy has a toy that she would rather have. Which means whenever he has any toy.

Lulu's all, "Sure, smile for the camera, ol' Skip, ol' buddy, ol' pal - while I snag the chewy bone you've just been gnawing on."

"Mooooooom! He's doing it again!"

Heh heh, says Skipperroo.

In spite of the doggie bickering, this is how Lulu will look on the day that Skippy heads for home:

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jloblow said...

I have two German Shepherds who always want same toy.
The other day when female couldn't get she went to window and barked boy went flying to window she ran and laid over toy. He came back, looking for toy. And couldn't figure where it went. She moved and it made noise, he rolled her off and claimed. Think she was pretty crafty.