Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RA Warrior: Getting Ready for a Biologic

Recently, I've had a few emails from people anticipating their first dose of rituximab or Rituxan since I've taken this drug in the past with very good results. And, in answer to some of their questions, the reason that I'm currently not anticipating taking it anytime soon is that while it significantly reduced my fatigue and joint pain, it failed to control my subacute cutaneous lupus.

Rats. So to speak.....har har. Oh, yeah. I'll miss all the mousie puns now that I'm not taking a drug made from mouse antibodies. Confused? You can read more about the development of this chimeric drug here.

I still consider myself part mouse, by the way. After all those infusions I'm convinced. Regardless, rituximab is not an option for me at least for the present, so on to plan B.

For those that have decided with their physicians to use rituximab in their treatment of Sjogren's syndrome, read this: Kelly, author of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior blog, recently tweeted a link to her excellent post written back in 2013 entitled 21 Tips to Prepare for a Biologic Infusion.

How can patients get ready for a Biologic infusion?

Rituxan blanketDoreen asked how to prepare for her upcoming Rituxan infusion. Here are some general tips that might help with any kind of Biologic infusion. As usual, I’ve learned most of these from other patients and from the effective teacher called experience. The orange Rituxan blanket was a gift to me from my lovely friend Nancy who helped me through my infusions when I was in a clinical trial. It’s a symbol for me to never give up. Continue reading here

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