Saturday, February 28, 2015

Here's Your Gold Watch: If You Consulted My Rheumatologist

Here's an interesting post from blogger Annette who authors Here's Your Gold Watch - Rheutired entitled "If You Consulted My Rheumatologist This Is What Might Happen":

This is a description of what occurs during a typical visit to my rheumatologist, in case anyone wants to compare. At the initial visits there was more detail than described here, but after years of seeing him there's a comfortable pattern.

Company while I wait for the doctor

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What's a routine visit to your rheumatologist like? 

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Nicole said...

That's very interesting. It sounds like her rheumy is very thorough.

My routine visit takes 15 min max with the doctor. The med tech gets me settled first and takes any updates on my medications. My rheumy comes in, takes a minute or two to greet me and find out the main point of how I'm doing. She takes another few minutes to review and make notes in my chart. Then I ask her questions from my list. During this time she checks my hands, shoulders, and elbows, as well as any other joints I'm complaining of, or other body parts as needed. Then she tells me what she's prescribing and packs me off to the phlebotomist for my blood work. That's it. I have to ask for anything I need or it would never happen. She is very busy. However, she is responsive. I just feel I am responsible for my own care. If I don't make it happen, no one will.