Friday, February 20, 2015

A Better Walking Choice

Several days ago, Lulu and I embarked on what I thought was a quickie hike around a nearby lake.

Mistake. Even though the trail was just a bit over a mile, it was exhausting what with all the climbing and huffing and puffing and sweating. I paid a price almost as high as the incline of that hike: two days of increased fatigue, intolerance of even gentle exercise, and increased joint pain.

Oh, brother. This left me not particularly inclined to try walking  a "little bit more than a mile" again. Lulu and I watched re-runs of the Westminster dog show instead.

Lulu thought the mini schnauzer should have won. She also told me that she thought being a show dog looked like entirely too much work.

Yesterday I decided it was time to lace up my sneakers and try another hike near the lake, this time choosing our path with more logic, and I'm happy to report that this walk was a very enjoyable experience. The groomed trail was a pleasant easy walk with the distance marked in quarter mile segments. Nice.

Comfortable temps in the '50s, an occasional glimpse of blue sky, no rain, and a schnauzer trotting remarkably sedately at my side. I loved this.

I climbed into the car feeling a pleasant tiredness in my muscles and a light bead of sweat on my face.

And thirsty. Lulu and I were both definitely thirsty.


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