Saturday, January 3, 2015

With Apologies to Mr. Miyagi

You know how when you're filling your medication box, and you think you've got everything you need and you sit down to start counting and filling? And then there's a bottle that hasn't been opened yet? And it's got all that dumb stupid foil stuff on it which you can't just pull off? So actually you should get your big butt off the chair and just get a knife or something sharp to puncture it but you're too lazy?

And then you think of The Karate Kid movie and how you should just use some of his moves? Like the one where you just visualize your thumb effortlessly moving through the foil into the bottle?


I need to see small things as victories.

I also really need to get out more....


Liz J said...

It's okay....I understand ~ :)

Unknown said...

I understand too.