Thursday, January 8, 2015

That's All For This Year, Folks

Gee. We didn't even finish our Christmas puzzle this year. At least not the jigsaw puzzle -- the kids decided to put together Lego kits instead. I guess that's a kind of puzzle....but I'm not giving up. We'll finish this thing even if it takes us until Halloween. 

Well, now that the Wise Men have come and gone and Epiphany is over; it's time to take down this year's Christmas light show.


We had a sunny calm day yesterday, so John and I took advantage of the dry weather to break things down and pack everything up. It's funny how quickly everything was taken apart yet how long it will take to reassemble it all in the fall. My neighbor Dan stopped by to inform us that it was only 330 more days until Christmas! and thought since the holidays were so quickly approaching, that we should just leave it all up.

I told him to take that idea up with our homeowner's association. Yeah.

As we were rolling up cables and packing away the lights, a family that was driving by shouted their appreciation through their car windows. Nice. One of the final things we did was to unplug Pinky.

Don't worry, big guy. You can still live on the porch and I promise you'll be the center of attention come Easter.

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Heda said...

Happy New Year. May 2015 bring peace and happiness. Bugger wishing for health because that ain't going to happen for us but I will wish you coping ability and stability and no flairs!