Friday, January 23, 2015

Sjogren's Forum: Newly Diagnosed

Are you newly diagnosed? Dr. Nancy Carterton coauthor of "A Body Out Of Balance" writes a blog entitled Sjogren's Forum. She recently answered this question that many of us have asked before:
Q:  I have been recently diagnosed with Sjogren's and have been suffering with
severe symptoms of dry mouth and sialadenitis, etc.. I have an appointment at
UCSF sjogren clinic in a few weeks. I don't have a treatment plan and am
struggling with "putting out the fire" of symptoms right now. I need direction and follow up on my submandiblar gland. I do not have an ENT. Any guidance or help is appreciated. Diet and eye drops are not enough. 
A:  A good place to start is the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation (SSF ) www.sjogrens.orgMany resources are available including a DVD, Product Resource Booklet, Support Group contact info ... to name a few. 
There are a growing number of on-line resources and communities available to explore, such as This is a Blog and Resources provided by an RN who herself has been on the journey.
Putting together a team of medical guides depends on what specifically one needs at a given time in the journey of discovery. Continue reading here.
So. Um.....I have to confess that I was surprised and delighted that Dr. Carterton listed Reasonably Well as a resource. But it's only one small item in her list of resources and strategies. Head over there to read it all.


Kate S said...

Go Julia!
Dr. Carternon is my doctor, and believe me, she does not advise things without thinking about them carefully. So yay Julia!

I find this a useful resource, and also, because of your sense of humor, a fun place to come. So hurrah for the recognition.

My other major daily resource is, which is a support group. Some very thoughtful and knowledgeable folks there.

Nicole said...

Her blog is fantastic with great information and advice. Your blog is all that plus funny and connects to real life outside of just being sick. I am not surprised at all that she mentioned you!