Friday, January 30, 2015

Auntie Stress: Eight Ways To STOP IT

Blogger Juls It's Just a Bad Day tweeted a link to an interesting article by Auntie Stress who describes herself as: Marianna Paulson, also known as Auntie Stress to my clients and friends. As a stress transformation coach and educator, I am committed to helping you recognize your stress triggers and how to diffuse them. By learning and practising stress-transforming techniques that are appropriate to your situation, you will benefit from having more control and recovering much faster when you get into a negative or stressful state.

The article is a good reminder to all of us, chronically ill or not, that stress can make any life more difficult. It's entitled Eight Ways To Have More Energy. Have a look:

Energy. Got it? Want it? Need it? Like that last bit of the toothpaste in the tube, are you squeezing out what little energy you have left,  just to get through your week, your day, or the next hour? Does it feel as if a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner has sucked up all your energy?
If you’re wondering how to plug up those energy leaks – the ones that leave you begging for your bed, even though you end up tossing and turning and not getting the rest you need. Reaching for another hit of sugar or pot of coffee may provide you with an artificial charge to your day, but it’s not the ideal way to restore your energy.
There are things you can do to bring energy back into your life – things that will allow you to access your power
1. Stop micromanaging.
How much energy goes into managing the people and events in your life? Do you plan everything to the very tiniest of details? This urge to control has its roots in fear – the what-ifs that your mind creates and that you obligingly follow up on by directing, looking after, over-seeing, managing, planning, supervising and worrying. Granted, there is a need for this type of execution, but not for everything. There are times when you have to let go – let your children pick out their school clothes, give your employees autonomy to work within the guidelines you have established, or to not have every minute of a family vacation scheduled with military precision. Loosening up on the micromanagement belt allows for breathing room and more energy. 
As Bob Newhart says in this humorous clip, just stop it. Easier said than done, right? At the end of this post I will share how this can be achieved with less effort and more grace. Plus gain the wisdom to know when more management (and better processes are needed). 
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Here's the awesome clip that Auntie Stress includes in her article. Oh my gosh. I love Bob Newhart.

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Marianna Paulson said...

Thanks for sharing my post. That Bob Newhart clip makes me laugh every time I say, "Stop it." I'm glad you enjoyed it, too.