Monday, December 8, 2014

Sing it, Bing

Yesterday, I awoke from a restful night's sleep, showered, shampooed my hair, put on a bit of makeup, and went to Mass with John and our son. After, we stopped at one of our favorite little restaurants for lunch. It wasn't until we were a few blocks from home when I realized what an extraordinary morning it had been for me. Just two Sundays ago, I had dragged a brush through my hair, slipped on some stretchy pants and tossed on a sweater. We headed out for church and as I walked into the narthex, knew that I wouldn't last through the service. And I didn't -- it wasn't long before I realized that I needed to head for home and bed ASAP.

What a difference two weeks of recovery makes.

My friend Bev noticed. Over coffee a few days ago, she sat back in her chair and scrutinized me. "You look different," she observed.

Oh, oh. Different how? One never knows what Bev is thinking.

 "Hm. Just.....better."

Aw, thanks girl. I do feel better than I have for awhile. 

"You look more like you did a few years ago. Just a little zippier. Your eyes look sparkly again."

Impulsively, I reached across the table to give her a big hug. It was so good to hear someone comment on something -- anything -- that I had improved upon. As we said our good-byes and I drove home, I reflected upon the course of events over the past twelve months. I decided that it had been a rough year for me what with cataract surgery, my fatigue reaching new levels, my lupus flaring, my spine stenosing, and recovering from a major back surgery.


I have to agree with my friend: things do appear to be looking up for me at the moment, thank goodness. Funny how it took Bev's comment to remind me that it was time to count my blessings: It's great to have my vision corrected after cataract surgery. I love being free of the seriously nasty pain and numbness due to my lumbar stenosis. My skin looks much clearer and healthier now that the lupus lesions have faded in response to the addition of Cellcept to my drug regime.

Oh, I know that my disease is here to stay, and realize that these good times will come and go. But for now, especially as we head into the holiday season, I'm so grateful for a little energy and a lot less pain.

Ahhh. Suddenly it seems appropriate to ask Rosemary and Ol' Blue Eyes to express exactly how I feel. Hit it, guys:


Marion said...

YAY!!!Good days are a blessing.

Christine said...

I love reading stuff like this. I am glad things are looking brighter for you lately!

stephanie said...

Feeling better is ALWAYS a wonderful thing! YEAH!!!