Thursday, December 18, 2014

Full Disclosure

 There's a reason that I didn't take this picture from any further away. It's because I didn't want y'all to see the shrapnel that's left from getting the tree to look this way. 

I'm sorry, guys. I really am.

For what?

Well, over the past few days I've been getting emails from people saying basically. "I feel like such a slug! I haven't done any of the Christmas stuff that you've done! My tree isn't decorated, I haven't baked a thing, and I'm so tired that I don't think I'll get it done, either."

So I have to apologize because, yes, my tree and fireplace is decorated. And I do have my throw pillows thrown around. But what I didn't take pictures of OR post prominently in my previous nanner-nanner-type post is the piles of dust on every flat surface, the floors just begging to be threatened with a damp mop at the very least, and the piles of dishes in my sink. I'm sorry if I appeared to be boasting about my Super-Christmas powers this year, because truthfully they don't exist.

I should have given you guys the total picture. I don't want y'all to think that life is all candy canes and sugar plums over here, because that wouldn't be honest. The majority of my Sjogren's syndrome symptoms still are hale and hearty: the fatigue, the malaise, the dry eyes, the....well, you know. And there's always more, isn't there?

But there's no doubt that I am having a period of time in which I feel less ill, I really am. I'm really happy about that, but if I've given the impression that as some of you have asked, that I am "cured" or that I'm in "remission", as much as I'd like to hope that's the case, it is not. I'm trying to be truly thankful, because as we all know, these periods don't last indefinitely, and I'm trying also not to burn the Advent candle at both ends, so to speak, in order to save my energy for all the things that really matter during Christmas: Worship, spending time with friends and loved ones, and.....

......eating fudge.

Hey. I'm being totally truthful here.

There's lots more to be done before December 24th; but Lulu and I are just taking one task and one day at a time.

Lulu says that holidays are exhausting for a Schnauzer. 


Brigid said...

I hear you! The most important thing to do is to concentrate on enjoying family and friends, not trying to make the house look like a spread from Home and Garden.

Besides - it's the little kids who enjoy the glitter the most. Trust me - they are blind to dust and dirty dishes!

Kelly Dempewolf said...

Amen! :)
I'm so glad my kids are old enough to really help now! My 11 and 9 year old kids decorated the tree themselves while I put the garland on the railings - teamwork got it done at our only to work on that dust, dirty bathrooms,, forget it, I'm happy with the tree right now! :)

mcspires said...

Oh Julia, you are so a woman after my own heart. I too, do lots of what I call "pre-editing" of my photos. Making sure the junk is moved out of the shot, that the dust isn't obvious for the things in view of the camera eye, lol! On the surface, Christmas looks under control at my house, but I too am secretly wondering if I can get my baking done, or send cards.

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I am very happy for you. I.too feel better this year than I did last year. My tree is up and it has decorations on it. Last year it was just the lights and a star. I have to dust but at least my mantle has some Christmassy decorations on it. I am going to set my little village up on my piano. My Nativity crèche is set up in the living room. My limited number of cards are mailed to the older relatives who appreciate them. The rest of my friends get an email since that is what they prefer. I haven't done much baking yet but I have a week left. At least I don't feel like you know what and I am handling the Plaquenil much better now that I found out that the generic is loaded with lactose. 2 lactaid tablets with my pill and no issues at all. That is something to be very grateful for. Have a very blessed Christmas.

annie said...

Unfortunately I've barely put any ornaments inside the house and haven't managed to put up the Christmas tree the last few years. We haven't even put out Christmas lights on the outside of the house, which we've done without fail every year as my husband isn't feeling well this year. It really does not feel like Christmas at all.

I haven't baked one batch of cookies yet, hopefully some of this will be done over the weekend. I have felt run down all this year and am now trying to cure a cold. I just want to snuggle next to Lulu on that comfy bed! We do what we can and we don't judge, right?

Nancy Joyce said...

I experienced a fabulous, high energy September thru November - it is so wonderful to feel kinda like the old me during these times, so yay for you! Enjoy your pain free back and all that you have managed to get done.

Recovering from pneumonia- I am sooooo tired and break into a sweat doing simple tasks. Possibly the least prepared for Christmas ever, but still looking forward to Sunday's Children's Christmas Pageant, all my kids being home, Christmas Eve service and of course Christmas Day. Dinner will get cooked, the house will be a mess and it will all be good. 😀