Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fait Accompli

Well. Everyone around here is happy as can be that the decorations are up, the boxes are cleared, and that it's time to enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season. 

This is the most important decoration on our tree. The kids would be devastated if The Noodle didn't appear front and center.

This year's Christmas puzzle.

The amaryllis blossomed!

The camel is securely tied up to the stable. We always tie up the camel. You can't trust 'em.

We've got all gingerbread aspects covered. 

Sigh. What fun. 

Everyone's happy -- with the exception of one: 

Lulu isn't happy at all. She's convinced that one of the ornaments on our tree is hers. So she swipes it whenever I foolishly place it at Schnauzer level. The poor little reindeer has had his bow chomped off his belly and one antler is hanging on by just a thread. 

Lulu, girl. If you leave this poor little guy alone, and be a very very good Schnauzer, maybe Santa will bring you a reindeer doggie toy on Christmas morning. 

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