Monday, December 22, 2014

Enough Partying, Lulu....

Dang. This larcenous dog.

I've spent years bragging about how Lulu has never taken anything off the Christmas tree. Then she ate the reindeer ornament.

I boasted that putting presents under the Christmas tree was no problem with Lulu around because she just left everything alone. Then she ate Daughter #1's gift from a friend.

So when we had our annual John/Julia/Greg/Terese gift exchange, she was shamelessly digging around in everyone's gifts, looking for something else that she could chomp on.

Rotten woogie. I don't know about this, Lulu. Santa may have been watching. You just might have been placed at the top of the "Naughty Doggie" list.

Lulu says, "Meh. Ask me if I care.."

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