Saturday, December 6, 2014

Commencement Exercise

Maybe just a cute little cupcake, like this one found here

I feel as though I should be wearing a mortar board, tassel, and gown. I saw my surgeon yesterday for another post-op appointment and he was pleased as punch with my recovery. He declared that unless something unusual occurs I wouldn't need another appointment with him.

Graduated! I've graduated from my neurosurgeon's care. Woo hoo! I was thinking that I deserved a graduation cake.

He cautioned me that my spankin' new spine needs ongoing monitoring and strengthening, so he made a referral to a physical therapist for me. "Your best tools in keeping your back happy are using good body mechanics in every movement that you make, and even more importantly is an ongoing commitment to regular exercise," he said.

Exercise? Does this mean no cake?

It may be time to hit the community center pool once again.


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Great news! You deserve the cupcake.