Sunday, December 14, 2014

Chillin' Out Christmas

Guys. Did y'all realize that Christmas is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY?

I should be frantic because there's so much to do! Well, at least I should be panicking....although I'm not. Really. And, for some reason that's OK with me.

I'm not certain where I acquired this newfound serenity. In years past, if by this time my kitchen windowsill wasn't chock full of gingerbread house themed knick knacks, I'd be running in circles trying to get everything done.

Right now they're living on my kitchen island.

But lately, I find myself leisurely adding an ornament to the tree,

....then casually plumping up a Christmas pillow just out of the storage box (which is still front and center in my living room),

.....and idly tweaking all those garlands that get all crunched and bizarrely shaped while sitting in my attic.

...and then plopping down in the recliner to watch a stupid holiday movie amidst the boxes and packing material.

I think my unusually calm attitude about the holidays this year has a great deal to do with the enormously less painful days that I've been experiencing. I think pain really changes one's perspective on everything, don't you agree? Less pain means walking around for almost as long as I'd like which makes shopping quite enjoyable. Less pain means that I don't become angry and frustrated when deciding if the snowmen family should go on the sofa table? Or under the tree? Or on the entertainment center?

 The sofa table, I think. 

You get the idea. I'm liking this.

I wonder how long it will last? Do you think by next year I'll have forgotten what an absence of Christmas anxiety feels like? I hope not.

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