Thursday, November 20, 2014


My doctors keep telling me to walk walk walk as I am able. I've found that the best places for me to do that without feeling sorry for myself is in a place that sells merchandise.

Yes. I consider shopping a therapeutic exercise. I wear my pedometer, even.

I just love table linens. I have drawers and drawers full of tablecloths, goodness knows I don't need any more but today they're 50% off! My weakness...

Stores that contain places to sit sprinkled liberally throughout are my favorites because I can plop down mid-store and rest. The big box places that sell everything from groceries to furniture work well.  Also clothing stores that sell shoes. So yesterday I was motoring myself around a Kohl's store and noticed these beauties:

Ahhh perfect! I thought and sat down. I settled back and felt pretty comfy.


My elbow hit this control thingie:

.....and the seat sprang to life with a ridiculous amount of humming and vibrating and massaging.


The four way technology for massage was amazing, all right. Especially when one of those hard metal roller balls massaged it's way across my incision site.  I may have created a scene since several folks came scurrying over to see what that crazy lady was shrieking about.


Lesson learned.

What's that, John? Oh, no hon. I still think shopping is really good exercise. Nice try, Babe.

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