Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm The Golden

Yesterday, my exercise quest led me to our local Costco. I realized as soon as I hit the door that 4:00pm was probably not a good time for me to be there. The place was jammed with ladies at the end of every aisle offering samples of everything from turkey tetrazzini to chocolate covered almonds. It smelled more like a restaurant than a store.

Mmmm. Chocolate almonds.......::blink::. OK. I'm back.

I'm such a sucker for those samples. I just can't walk past one of those tables. Doesn't matter what they're hawking. Fish oil? Sure thing! Freshly squeezed organic green slimy yet chunky juice? Slurp. Yesterday it appeared that the treats and high sugar, high fat sample items outnumbered anything remotely healthy. I was a goner. It was all so tasty that I considered taking a second lap around the store.

It just kills me to see all these skinny little soccer moms wearing skin tight leggings, Nike running jackets, and their hair pulled back in perfect little pony tails; their flawlessly sculpted abs and legs efficiently moving through the store. These ladies never -- but never -- stop to indulge in the freebies. I really really admire that type of person. WHERE does one come by such enormous amounts of will power and self-control?

I certainly don't have it.

So I found this hilarious YouTube of a doggie obedience trial that perfectly illustrates what I'm saying here. As you watch the thing, imagine that the first two impeccably trained dogs are the soccer mom types.

And the Golden retriever? Yeah. That's me.

I think I actually heard strains of Yakity Sax in the background as I motored my cart from one sample station to the next. .::paging Benny Hill! Paging Benny Hill!::.

I put in a quarter mile of walking, but I left with a pie. Hopeless, people. I'm simply hopeless.


Heda said...

Brilliant youtube. Me too!

Vicki said...

Thanks for my morning smile :-).

Annie said...

Thanks for the laugh. It made me think of my husband,who loves to shop Costco just so he can do the sampling of products! And the dogs are an added cute factor....