Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Weighty Matter

Daughter #2's scrumptious vegan cabbage/bulgur wheat rolls. 

Awhile back, I had a very positive discussion with a woman who had a laminectomy. She had a very good overall result, and ended our conversation with this little nugget:
"Oh, and best thing of all? I lost TWENTY POUNDS!"

Cool, I thought. Sign me up.

I was thinking about her weight loss claim over dinner last night. We were enjoying one of several fabulous meals provided to John and me by our kids and friends. As I licked the pot roast gravy from my spoon, and chewed a slice of warm sourdough bread, I decided that unless things change around here dramatically, there isn't going to be a substantial decrease in my BMI.

I'd like to make it perfectly clear: I'm completely OK with the delicacies that are hanging around our refrigerator and freezer. I have no desire whatsoever to discourage my dear ones from bringing me goodies.

No way. Keep 'em coming, folks. Love it -- and you.

But I think I had better come up with one of two things. Either A -- a plan to maintain my weight by managing portion sizes, eating more veggies and fruit, meet all of my exercise suggestions by my surgical staff, and limiting desserts.

Or, (which is more likely) B -- Create a really convincing argument to explain to my surgeon how I gained weight during my recovery.



Es said...

yummm gravy

Unknown said...

Calories? You mean "Delicious Points"!