Sunday, October 5, 2014

This is a Far Better Funeral Story

Ever read The Bloggess -- Like Mother Teresa, only Better? I find her posts incredibly entertaining. And, often I'm amazed that even though I must be at least twenty years older than she we often have disturbingly similar trains of thought. Except I don't drop the F bomb. Ever.

Language choices aside, this gal tends to see the world from an interesting perspective and I love her sense of humor. She also writes those occasional touching, authentic, from the heart posts. Like this one:
Meemaw died yesterday, at the age of 80.
Meemaw had a penchant for telling her favorite stories over and over, but she told them with such joy that we always laughed like it was the first time.  Sometimes it was the story about Victor getting his head stuck in a fence at Disneyland.   Sometimes it was about breaking her back after falling out of a moving jeep while shooting at rabbits.  Sometimes it was about picking cotton, or rolling cigarettes, or digging up a corpse, or meeting the man of her dreams as a 17-year-old waitress and marrying him 10 days later, or traveling the world as the wife of a career soldier, or making dresses from feed sacks. ...Continue reading here. 
What a sweet tribute. Check it out.

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