Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday we paint. Sunday we rest.

I helped just enough to get paint all over my fingers. 

When I was given a date for my laminectomy surgery, I immediately began making lists: stuff to buy, stuff to organize, and stuff to do. The stuff to buy item was the most fun on the list. And stuff to organize? Hm. Maybe I'll get around to that in the next few days....

The stuff to do was rather entertaining, especially since what this actually meant was stuff for John to do while Julia supervised.

Yesterday, I crossed one more item off my stuff to do list. I figured that there was a chance that I wouldn't be completely recovered by our annual Thanksgiving hoo-rah, so there were a few projects that I wanted completed before my surgery AND before the kids and guests began appearing during the holidays.

We built this house in 1996. And even though the rest of the house has been painted and repainted inside and out, only two lonely little rooms remained wearing their eighteen year old initial coat of paint. One is the laundry room, and pfft. That thing can continue waiting for awhile. But the guest bathroom upstairs was really overdue.

Lucky for John, I had everything ready: the paint, paintbrushes, the painter's tape, the drop cloths made from decades old holiday plastic tablecloths, and lots and lots of Julia brand advice. Lucky for ME, John was willing to dive into a Saturday painting project using most of the above items except my advice. Go fig.

But it turned out great, and was done in a snap. Thanks Hon. Let's see, now what's next on the list.....

Ah, yes. I'm guessing the last time this tablecloth last had plates sitting on it was back during the great Ham-o-rama from Easter '02. 

I documented the event.  

Lulu thinks we goobered paint on the floor.