Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lulu Update

Several of y'all have asked how my plastic-biteguard-eating puppy is faring.

She's fine, thankfully.

I was concerned about her yesterday after she refused to eat, appeared lethargic, and I could hear her tummy rumbling quite loudly. So I called her veterinarian. After a lengthy discussion in which we discussed options for her care which included x-rays (which he didn't recommend because the type of guard I use is not radiopaque; meaning it wouldn't show up on the film), ultrasound, potentially scope and or surgery.


What IS it about my dogs that they seem to want to eat weirdo things? Remember when our previous schnauzer ate all those rocks?! We feed our pets really good pet food. Seriously.

Dr. F. and I decided on this plan: I would get some prescription soft dog food; I would monitor her for vomiting, diarrhea, or if she seemed to be in pain. Since we talked in the AM, we decided to follow up with a phone call or office visit in late afternoon.

I was consumed with guilt. Usually I put the dumb stupid night guard thing in it's case immediately upon taking it out of my mouth. Until Monday when I threw it on my bedside table. And of course, Lulu took the opportunity to gobble it up.

After hanging up the phone with the vet, I hopped into the car and headed over to pick up Lulu's new food. And, because I felt responsible for the poor little thing's distress, also motored over to the pet store and bought new toys. And treats. And....well, you get the idea.

Upon arriving back home, I took Lulu out for a very short walk and right on cue, she pooped halfway through our route. It's amazing what we pet owners will do, isn't it? I took a stick and poked around in the stinky stuff looking for plastic before tying it up in a doggy doo doo bag. Ewww.

Didn't find a thing.

Meanwhile, Lulu had perked up considerably and when presented with new toys and different food, began to eat and drink and play as though not a thing had happened. And today, she's just fine.


She's frisking around the back yard barking at the kindergarteners coming home from school right now, being her naughty little doggie self, thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Hoping Lulu continues to do well, and you too Julia. It is so hard when our pets are not doing well.

Annie said...

Well Lulu obviously just needed to have a good poo - a nice easy fix that.
It still begs the question, where is the plastic guard? It has possibly travelled transdimensionally to the the world of lost socks, pens etc.
Hope it turns up for you somewhere so at least you know. ;)