Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's THAT Time

Well, folks. Today's the day.

Yep. Surgery day. Which means an anesthesiologist will be escorting Julia into dream-land.

Woo hoo! I love happy gas.

I had my eyebrows waxed by one of those fancy schmantzy spa places just for this occasion. When my anesthesiologist slaps that mask over my schnozz, I want him to think, "Hey. Nice eyebrows." And then I'll Zzzzzzzzzzz may way to sleep.

Ever wonder what you look like when you're sleeping?  I do.

But I'm a realist. I know better. How much you want to bet when I roll into recovery room I'll look like this?

I'm thinking that I may take a few days off from blogging after surgery, but I'm sure y'all understand. 

I'm a weirdo unmedicated. I can't imagine what sorts of goofball stuff I'd be writing when on post-op narcotics. Wouldn't be pretty.

See y'all soon. 


Amy Junod said...

Wishing you healing wellness thoughts from Texas!

Christina said...

Wishing you a great surgery and easy healing after. Rest up! Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Be well Julia!