Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Freebies

I love glamming up the house for the holidays. Doesn't matter which one, any holiday will do. It's a great excuse for asking John to lug around big cardboard boxes filled with unique holiday junk decor. And bless his heart, John willingly drags around boxes and furniture at my whim.

What a guy.

So even though I have multiple cartons marked "FALL" on their covers, it always seems that I want something new to add to my collection. However.....

I've been spending money like crazy for stuff to get ready for surgery, so thought I'd best make do with what I already have. So I was scrolling through the Pinterest site looking for ideas, when I came across these two magic words: FREE PRINTABLE.

Woo hoo! Sure enough, I clicked through to the various sites clearly marked Free Downloads (for personal use only) and found oodles of beautiful fall prints. What could I do with these babies, I wondered.

I have seasonal stuff in the attic, but also in a closet upstairs in what used to be one of my daughters' bedroom. I've commandeered that space as mine to fill with junk valuable seasonal accessories for the home. I thought about that closet as I looked at the free printable site, and remembered that I had several empty picture frames just collecting dust in there.

Well, now......

Literally ten minutes later, I had this:

And this:  

Lovely free printable images found here. 

Old picture frames. Leftover card stock paper. Free images. 


Oh, John, honey? I think I've just saved us a bundle. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks Julia! I was just thinking that I needed to do something different to mix up my decorations. By the way, can you spare your fantastic hubby to come carry my boxes? No, oh well, just thought I would ask, LOL!