Friday, September 12, 2014


Guys. I've been really feeling sorry for myself.

Me. The original dairy gal. An ice cream fanatic. A milk guzzler. A cheese chomper. And now, all that dairy consumption is a thing of the past, and I really, really miss it since I discovered dairy really, really doesn't like me.

But all the whining and pouting is over. Because I have found THIS:

Hear the choirs of angels singing? It's good. It's THAT good. I was grumping around Whole Foods longingly staring into the ice cream freezer, when an employee asked if he could help me with anything.

So I unloaded all my angst about dairy withdrawal, and the poor guy listened patiently. Then grabbed a container (which was ridiculously expensive, btw) and told me that he guaranteed that this was the answer to my ice cream cravings.

He was right. Even though it was SEVEN DOLLARS for a dinky little two cup container.

Who knew cashew milk frozen dessert tasted that good?


I'm thinking that it's probably good thing that it's crazy expensive. I don't see myself forking out all that cash except for the occasional splurge. But just knowing it's out there is a good thing.


annie said...

I usually buy rice or soy milk ice cream, as I keep away from tree nuts, but I can just imagine the taste of cashew milk. And yes, these products gouge us consumers!!

Melody said...

I really like Coconut Ice Cream - if you like coconut it's a great alternative. And my favorite frozen yogurt place - Peachwave - has a non-dairy choice (Orange) that's wonderful. I keep meaning to ask if there's any casein in it, if there is it wouldn't be completely dairy free. But as long as I only eat a small portion I'm fine.

Orb Weaver said...

Mom, try Soy Dream. That's pretty tasty too!

Andrea said...

I'll send you my recipe for dairy and refined sugar-free cashew 'cheese' cake - it will make you swoon! :)

Nancy Joyce said...

I make strawberry sorbet with coconut milk in my ice cream maker for my dairy sensitive son - it tastes delicious! Find the recipe at

Molly said...

I've been using as a resource since my son went vegan. Every recipe I've made from there has been wonderful. She frequently uses soaked and blended cashews in desserts, such as:

I haven't tried this or any of the other dessert recipes yet, but I've tried at least 20 other recipes and had good results every time.