Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sky Lights

Image found on OregonLive here. 

So, did ya'll stay up last night waiting for the aurora borealis -- aka Northern Lights -- from the recent solar flare?

We did. Well, kind of. Terese, Greg, my college buddy Karen, and some other friends bundled up in sweatshirts, fortified ourselves with adult beverages (except for me) and pointed our eyeballs upwards. It was a beautiful clear night. We saw the moon rise over the Cascade Mountain foothills. We all downloaded and experimented with constellation apps for our smartphones. We yakked away for hours.

But, alas. The promised lights didn't materialize. It could be that there was simply too much light pollution in our neighborhood.

Did you see them?


Heda said...

To see the Northern or Southern lights is on my bucket list. One day! Life is all about relativity. We do the best we can with what we have and sometimes it gets tough. And for those of us with chronic illness life is tough. But there will always be others who put our illness in perspective and for them we will offer prayers and gratitude.

Miki said...

Don't feel bad, we were out in Kingston at our friend's place on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere and didn't see any of the lights either. Was very bummed but still had a great night with friends! That was the benefit to "watching"for the northern lights!