Thursday, September 25, 2014

Panty Picker-upper

This is the one that I chose. Inexpensive, yet highly rated. I'll keep y'all posted. 

I had the greatest thing happen to me yesterday.

I had decided to give my new swimming suit a test drive and was bobbing around the community center pool. I must have rubbed the sore spot on my back a time or two, because this really pleasant woman approximately my age sloshed her way over to me and asked, "Back problems?"

I nodded. "Spinal stenosis. Having surgery in about a month."

"Oh my gosh! Me too! I had my surgery about two months ago and it was the best decision I ever made!" she enthused.

"Really? Wasn't it painful and a long recovery?"

"Oh, not so much. I was just thrilled that my stenosis symptoms were lots better, so much so that the incision pain was not bad. And now, all I have left is some numbness in my foot because I waited two whole years to have the surgery and had some nerve damage. I'm hoping it will come back."

"I am so glad that you told me that, thank you!"

We chatted for awhile discussing her experience, and after a bit, I thought to ask her, "So, if you had to do it all again, what would you do differently?"

She started to laugh. "I would have bought myself one of those grabber things right before the surgery instead of a few weeks later. Pretty handy gadget because you seriously can't bend over for awhile. And what do you do when you're standing there getting dressed and you drop your underwear on the floor if you can't bend over, hm?"

We laughed.

Wasn't that a thoughtful thing for her to do? I appreciate her thoughtfulness in sharing a really positive surgery story.

My grabber is being shipped even as we speak. I will think of her every time I use it.

I hope I see her again and can share my excellent surgery outcome. People can be so great sometimes.

.::happy sigh::.


Heda said...

LOL undies are indeed important. All the best for the op. xo

Betsi said...

Serendipity that you had that encounter when you did -- and I don't mean because of the pantry grabber. Who better to reassure you than someone who's been through it? If I were a religious person (as I know you are) I might even think that she'd been sent to you. ;)

Unknown said...

I had a similar bonding moment with a Fedex delivery lady. My hair has turned completely white, which is a known but rare side effect from Plaquenil. I had a hard time keeping roots colored, so I finally quit and cut my hair super short. No one said anything. Nothing. But I actually liked it. Well, the Fedex lady told me my hair looked wonderful. We got to talking and she has similar health issues, and she removed her cap to show me her hair, which was thin and limp and she said she was thinking about going short, and after seeing mine, she thought she had the courage! We both lifted each other up at just the perfect time. that encounter just made my day!!

I am so glad you met the lady in the pool. I am sure it just made your day!