Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Falling With Grace: Who's Not Afraid of Falling?

Check out the latest post from Amy Junod, author of the Falling With Grace blog. (Love that title.) It's true, Amy: "....we must all learn to fall before we can take flight." Excellent advice:
"Not long ago Venus Williams was quoted as saying that in continuing to play through illness, "I don't want to fall on my face or do something stupid. Once I'm done I can look back and say I didn't make a fool of myself."  
Being a self certified Falling Instructor, I can tell her that she's doing just fine. Not only is she facing her most formidable foe, Sjogren's Syndrome, with grace and dignity, she's showing the world how to manage adversity. 
There's something so vulnerable about falling that we forget how often we avoid it. Or somewhere in the recesses of our subconscious we totally forget that we all must learn to fall before we can take flight..." Continue reading here
I think I have mastered the falling down part. Now I need to learn how to fly.


Brigid Rauch said...

Speaking of falling - I did something really dumb today. I know that if I tilt my head back, I'm apt to get vertigo. So today, I stood in the bathroom, tilted my head back to put in my eye drops, then started to tilt my head forward and kept on going to end up on the floor. Note to self - be sure to be sitting in a secure position before using eye drops!

Amy Junod said...

I think the other readers will agree that you've taken to flight quite well...you even carry us on your wings. :-)
Thanks Julia.
I really do look forward to learning more about her routine for training and health. In particular what have they done for her lung function?