Sunday, September 7, 2014


Terese's birthday was last week. Everyone wave at Terese! Yoo Hoo, Terese! Happy Birthday!

(Notice my restraint in referring to a particular person's age?)

I always enjoy buying birthday presents, but this particular shopping trip was especially enjoyable. Because I had a theme. I LOVE theme presents.

I had decided that Terese's workspace was far too......plain. Mundane. Boring. Blah. Aha! I had my theme: items to bling up her desk. So I headed over to one of those big discount stores. I plopped myself onto one of their scooters and began to cruise the store.

I knew I was really onto something when I came across this:

Yessssss! A bling-y gold tone Swingline stapler. And I couldn't believe my luck when THIS was right next to the stapler:

Gold scissors! Brilliant!

I thought the weiner dog tape dispenser was a bit much.

One can't be too flashy, after all. .::sniffing haughtily::.

I picked up some gold-tone file clips and metallic toned Sharpies. But I thought this gift still needed something to add a little punch. Hmmm.....

I was circling the store in search of that special item that would coordinate the overall effect. When I spotted a necklace somewhat like this, I knew I had my answer. I needed to bling out Terese, too.

The one I chose for T had much bigger beads and was far more shiny. Ooooooo.

I made her promise that she would use each and every part of her fabulous gift on her next workday. I think I'll make a surprise visit to be certain that she does.

Oh, boy! Now I can start scheming planning for her Christmas present...

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