Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Third Time.....is the Charm?

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Well guys, by the time y'all read this I'll be back in the pain clinic having my third epidural steroid infusion into my L5 vertebrae area.

I'm hoping that I get results similar to my last one: I had good pain relief that lasted for about five to six weeks, which is pretty typical of a successful epidural. I've been cautioned that this is my last for the year. Not sure how a year is defined; I'll have to get that clarified. But in the meantime, this infusion is staving off that surgical consult.

The results of my most recent MRI (last Saturday) and my response to the epidural will be the deciding factors in whether my physiatrist hits the "send" button on that request for me to see a surgeon.

It will be an interesting week. I'll keep you posted.


Julie said...

Good luck, Julia!!

Shara from Seattle said...

Boy, could I give you an ear full. I have been getting these for years. I've had them work great and be totally lame. Best of luck to you.

annie said...

Good luck, Julia. Hope all goes well for you...pain free!