Friday, August 15, 2014

Thank You, Amy and Cole!

You may recall the winners of our art contest awhile back. It was the mom/son duo that produced our now-famous Sjogren's mascot Super Hydrating Nixie, the water sprite. Our Nixie is so super that she even represented the Dallas/Fort Worth SSF support group in a Walkabout!

I think Nixie's creators are super, too. I got a large white box in the mail the other day, and was delighted when I opened it to find Nixie in all her glory on three t-shirts, a fab hat, a water bottle, and even one of her red capes!

Oh my gosh!!

I immediately talked Daughter #2 into modeling one of the shirts, which she did with the promise that I wouldn't show her face. Since she didn't have any makeup on. Pffft. (All moms are certain that their lovely daughters don't need makeup anyway......but I digress).

Notice the flying action of the cape provided by Son-in-law? Ooooo.

And the card! Check out the card! Is that perfect, or WHAT?

Thank you, guys. You made my day.


Unknown said...

Well, I am still partial to my tiara, but I don't think you could ever have a bad day in a red cape!

Amy Junod said...

Love the action shot!
I have to admit, wearing the red cape was a LOT of fun. Try wearing black boots too. Tah Dah!
I hope the Nixie gear helps you mend well. At least to have a little fun while doing it!