Sunday, August 3, 2014

Of Concern....

I've been following the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa with kind of a morbid interest. Though I have some confidence in the ability of the CDC to treat patients safely, the fact that the US now has one and potentially two patients in the country with active disease makes me distinctly uneasy. Which, in turn always leads to one of my favorite coping mechanisms: Googling like mad and reading for hours.

The Google-madly maneuver is also handy while I'm inside hiding out from the sun.

My latest search episode turned up a very simplistic but actually pretty darned good video found here, that explains how a virus infects a cell. I'm praying that there will be far fewer Ebola viruses infecting human cells in the near future. Take a look:

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Kelly said...

Of concern, that's putting it mildly. That vaccine can't come soon enough!