Saturday, August 23, 2014


I'm learning to appreciate two times of the day that I had previously ignored: sunrise and sunset. I used to look at a sunrise and while enjoying it's beauty, was impatient for the sun to rise higher in the day so that I could get out and about under it's rays. And as the sun went down, I considered my day over.

Not so any more.

Now, I view the rising and setting of the sun as two safe times to enjoy the sun's brilliance without feeling the need to shield myself with hats, scarves, and long sleeves. Ahhhh. Freedom.


Heda said...

This might be a weird comment. I'm good at those! I had severe sunlight blindness. Complete whiteout on sunny days. Stopped me driving. Made me sick. This was serious stuff. And then it just stopped. I still don't like sunlight but the blindness has gone. I started taking saffron and whether that's the reason or not who knows. But I ain't stopping taking the saffron any time soon.

cindy said...

I'm right there with you Julia. I'll even go so far to say, I like cloudy days. I feel so much better.