Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's A Cell Phone

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Someone asked me recently if I owned any gadgets that were exceptionally helpful to me since I began dealing with autoimmune disease. At the time, I said, "Nah."

Actually I was thinking that my couch was probably the most helpful item in my house but thought that was a weirdo kind of answer. I figured since I didn't know this person very well, it would probably be fun to let her labor under the delusion that I am a normal person.

But it was actually a good question and as I went about doing my Sjogren's thing for the next few weeks, I would think about it every time I picked up a kitchen tool or a cleaning whatchamacallit. I think that I finally have my answer, and it doesn't open cans, slice 'n dice, or trap dust.

It's my cell phone.

I've been carrying one of these things for 18 years now, I believe. As the years rolled by all sorts of fancy features were added to each new model, but I ignored them for at least a decade. Or more. Because all I really wanted to do with the thing was to talk, and eventually text.

Then, Sjogren's and it's autoimmune buddies began appearing. They brought with them fatigue, a foggy brain, increased stress levels, and, well....y'all know what an autoimmune symptom package contains. I found it harder to remember things, and other tasks I put off as long as possible because each one may require me to actually stand up, walk somewhere, and spend some of my precious energy to complete it. Like this one: Let's say Terese called me and asked for the address of one of my kids. Pre-cell phone:

Terese: Hey. What's your kid's address?

Me: (Thinking that I should know these things.) "Let me get back to ya."

After which I drag myself off the couch and try to remember where I put the dumb stupid address book, then spend a few minutes checking the usual storage spots. After finding the book, I realize that said kid's address is actually incorrect because I know that this young person tends to enjoy finding new apartments frequently. Then it's back to the couch with phone book and telephone in hand to try to find kid's number written on the back of the phone book, call said kid, leave a message because this kid also is not home frequently. My kids like to be busy. "What's your address, kid? Call me back."

And on. And on. I'll bet you remember how it all goes. By this time in the process I could actually be perspiring and tired, which would make me extremely cranky because this SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD.

Fast forward last week when Terese actually did ask me, Hey. What's your kid's address?

After which I dig out my cell phone, locate kid's addy in the contact information, choose the option to share the address and send it off to T's phone simply by hitting the SEND button.

It took me forever to figure out how to use it, but the calendar feature has been invaluable as well. Today I wanted to make an appointment for a Lulu grooming because she's looking pretty scraggly.


So I get out my phone while I'm swinging in my new chair (yes, in the shade) open up the internet browser, search for the name of my groomer's salon, punch the CALL button. After which I put the call on speaker phone while I bring up my calendar. We discuss appointments as my chair as I sway in the breeze, and after arriving at a decision, tap ADD EVENT, conclude the call, and resume my nap. Easy.

What's even better, I can ask my phone to remind me of said appointment. Or prompt me to add the pet spa to my list of contacts.

I love the alarm clock feature. As long as this thing is charged, and that's another story, I can set the alarm any time and anywhere.

I use the note app quite often as well. I can't imagine how many times I've breezed right past the lengthy grocery list lying right on the kitchen countertop and end up standing in a produce section somewhere digging through my purse looking for it.

You know, that's a great deal of responsibility for a little piece of plastic and metal. I worry about losing the darned thing and then I'd be back to square one.

I could go on and on.....What's your favorite energy saving gadget?


Sue said...

Hi Julia. My favourite devices are my cell phone and my iPad mini. My first cell phone was back in 1993. It was a graduation gift. It was a bag phone with a corded receiver. The antenna was on the bag. 20/20 on ABC kept talking about brain cancer and cell phones so that is the only phone my mom would let me have.

Anonymous said...

I could not survive without my Ipad. No way! The smart phone is great too, but it's getting so hard to read!

Kris said...

I have a dry erase board on the refrigerator, so anyone can add to the shopping list. When I am ready to go to the store, I pull out my phone and take a picture of the list.

Amy Junod said...

Cole and I were just talking about our cell phone use and the apps that make life easy.
Mostly the discussion was revolving around how much people text versus talking on cell phones now.
He reminded me that I will text him from the couch instead of getting up and walking to his room to ask him something.
This can be referred as the height of laziness...but any Sjoggie can agree that it's just easier to text someone rather than try and speak. Or walk. OK, sometimes even texting with those tiny screen buttons is hard.

Laura said...

I love my cell phone. AnyList is my favoritest app for shopping - I have shared the shopping list with Scott, so he can add items to it freely and they show up on my phone, and vice versa. :)