Saturday, June 14, 2014


My birthday is coming up next week, and as is our custom, John asks me what I want, I tell him, and then he asks if I want him to get whatever item I've asked for, and I always say, "Oh, thanks, Bunny, but I'll just do a little shopping." after which I hop onto the Amazon site and click the "Buy it Now" button.


It's a great system. We do the same thing when his birthday rolls around.

This year, I decided that I would love another boingy-type swing; one that I could have on my deck. My fabulous hammock chair is hung from underneath the deck and to get to it requires a trip down the basement stairs. I thought I needed a place to get my swing fix on both stories of the house. Like this one, found here.

Too bad we don't have a palm tree from which to hang it

It came today, and boy oh boy. It looks like there's some serious assembly required.

I'll let y'all know how it goes.


annie said... looks like a swing for grown-ups! What fun!

Unknown said...

That looks so cool! And comfortable! Please let us know if it works, I have it in my Amazon Wish list.
And, as I am rarely good at timely commentary, I feel for you Julia, with your blue parking tag. Mine is currently red, though I can see the blue in my future. At least we are still driving!

Annette said...

It even has a drink holder!! What more could you want?
I looked up your mousie graph for the rtuxan and sent the link to my friend. She has just gotten started on it and has great hopes


mcspires said...

LOL, my birthday is today and I picked out an anti gravity lounge chair. However I did not have to put mine together, and it too has a drink holder. I can't swing, though!

Happy Birthday early!