Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest Would Be Wise

Well, guys. It's time to admit that I'm tuckered out.

I've been pushing my limits all week and I think it would be a prudent choice to get some serious rest before everything comes crashing down around my ears.

So. No Provigil or Monster drinks today. Since we have a full day of driving ahead of us, I'm going to put down the camera, grab my pillow and blankie, and zonk out as the miles roll by.

Here's a few shots from yesterday.

See y'all tomorrow.


Heda said...

How wonderful. Seeing a beaver house is on my bucket list. Sleep well.

ShEiLa said...

Wise decision.

Gorgeous photos as always.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a wise plan. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures. I feel like I just had a mini vacation looking at them. :)